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vedafy logoWe are Veronica and Dan, long time New England residents, ready to share our love of film and drinks with you.

When we’re not relaxing lakeside, enjoying another wonderful New Hampshire sunny day, we are thinking about the next television viewing option, and the next adult beverage.

After 40 years of watching so many of the classic films we all love, I am overwhelmed by the amount of movie and television titles now available on all of the  streaming services.  

We also have the massive amount of super hero film and television products rolling out of Netflix, Disney, Warner Brothers, and Amazon Studios. Hollywood continues to discover the endless possibilities of stories and characters available in the libraries of legendary American comic book giants such as Marvel and DC Comics, as well as the growing and highly talented halls of places like Image Comics and Boom Studios.

So, let’s use this platform to share all of my discoveries.  There is so much great content out there, and it’s very easy to miss something worth your valuable time.  This is the place where we help you find them!

As all of her friends know, Veronica is the local master chef and mixologist, so get ready to find great ideas on how to make some wonderful drinks.  It could be a classic, or something you have never heard of.  And we’ll do this while providing a little bit of history on classic television and film scenes where a libations was memorialized.

There is an endless amount of information out there on the web. I plan on highlighting the best ones for you.

Enjoy your streaming viewing as we all try to flatten the curve during this difficult year of 2020.

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