The Top 5 Comic Book Collecting and Investing Youtube Videos - Week of August 2, 2021

By Dan O’Brien / @vedafy1 / Published August 9, 2021

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The comic book collecting market explosion of 2020 has somewhat softened, but the number of Youtube bloggers providing their views on the hottest comic books of the week continues to flourish.

Thankfully….someone here is watching every possible video released by these knowledgeable and more often than not very entertaining comic book investing contributors.

Presenting: a list of the top five comic book collecting and investing videos for the week of August 2, 2021. To make this top five list, the Youtube content maker should provide three elements. They must be highly entertaining, provide useful information on previous, current, and future issues, and offer a smart, unique spin on the comic book marketplace. Bonus points for providing pop culture nuggets covering any topic!


More eBay debate, plus the Instagram Market Watch with mega Spidey and Turtle key sales!”

If your not regularly following John and Richard from the Bronze and Modern Gods, you simply are missing out. Watching this pair of comic book collecting veterans converse amongst themselves is a true joy. It’s like having your favorite uncles in your living room, chatting pleasantly about their collecting history, commiserating on how best to maximize your comic book investments, and discussing which books are worth finding and holding and/or selling right now. 

They are a Swiss army knife for comic book collectors and speculators with endless stories and laughter that is truly contagious. This is the type of Youtube content you wish would last for hours.

Highlighted issue: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle #1, first print. Sale price: $25000.

On this episode, they brought in an Instagram seller who sold this incredibly rare 1980’s blue chip comic book. They dissected the history of this exceptionally low print book (just 3000 copies!), and also discussed upcoming TMNTs film and TV programs, all of which will help ramp  up the value of all of their related books.


Four Comic Books to Buy Now – Comics to Invest in – MCU Speculation

Always informative and entertaining, Matt and Jay offer four books that currently are undervalued in the market. Typically focusing on comics with film and television shows in our future, they do a deep dive on four books we may want to look for if it’s not already in your collection. This is not just your typical chatter on the comic books, but they provide real time data on the overall sales history of the books, with a focus on the last few months.

One example offered is Avengers Annual #10, the first appearance of the X-Men’s Rogue. This previously red hot book is going through a down period right now, which makes it a great time to buy now if you can. The X-Men are coming to the MCU, which means Rogue is almost certainly going to arrive also. They listed all of the recent sales of 9.6 graded copies, and how the sales have been trending downward during June and July of 2021. 

There’s some great stuff here, and this is the type of video worth watching if you plan on being serious about comic book collecting and investing, while getting some laughs along the way.


“Deal or Flipside | Modern Comic Book Speculation Roundtable”

The folks from Tales from the Flipside offer a large variety of informative and engaging content, and one of their best programs is “Deal or Flipside”, where they compare two books from every era of comics, discuss their recent sales history, and debate which of the two books they prefer.  The level of knowledge displayed for every book provided in this format is truly exceptional.  If you are a comic book veteran, or new to the game and trying to learn the ropes, this is true must-see TV.

For example, one battle debated in this episode was the merits of buying a Fantastic Four #52 graded at a CGC 4.0 (first Black Panther) versus buying a CGC 6.0 Tomb of Dracula #10 (first Blade); each of these recently sold at approximately $1200 each. While an inexperienced person may look at a blue-chip key like the first appearance of Black Panther as the no brainer decision, this was by no means a unanimous perspective.  Everyone on the board offered prudent perspectives on which issue would be the wiser choice in the current market, from both a short-term and long-term perspective.

LORDS OF THE LONGBOX – Youtube Home Page

CovrPrice Hot Comic Book Shakers of the Week for August 8th 2021

Their weekly program discussing the “Shakers of the Week” list is always must-see content, and this one does not disappoint. They don’t just list the top 10 comic book high sale trends of the week, but provide excellent analysis on the current market pricing behind each issue highlighted, and give the viewer great ideas on related books they should be searching for.

One issue highlighted is Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1, the second print, with a recent sale of a CGC 9.8 at $650. This first appearance issue was already a key issue, but it’s really nice to gain some knowledge on a second print variant of this issue we should have on our radar. They also suggested keeping an eye out for the hip-hop variant of this issue, giving us another comic book option worth adding to our collection.

TEAM NERDHERD – Youtube Home Page

“The Bottom Half: Top #11-#20 Weekly Comics for August 3, 2021”

Here’s the type of information grenade anyone looking for expanded comic book speculation should be subscribed to. With multiple experts on the panel, each person gives their spin on the book presented to the team. Is it a hold for now, sell it right now, buy it now, etc? Lots of great humor and laugh out loud moments throughout the video, all with a massive deep dive on the current comic book marketplace.

This is a two hour plus video, with dozens of old and brand new comic book suggestions, so get out a pen and paper, and gain some exceptional knowledge on the industry.

Highlighted issue: Marvel Comics Secret Wars II, issue # 3. First full appearance of the Beyonder in human form. It had a CGC 9.8 high sale of $560, on June 21, 2021, a shocking number for this book, quite frankly. They strongly suggest holding on to this previous dollar bin book for right now, and I can’t disagree with that advice, as Secret Wars is coming eventually.  As an owner of three copies, I did not realize this one had taken off at the level shown here. Great information.

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