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By Veronica and Dan O’Brien  / @vedafy1 /  Published December 9, 2020


This week’s Drink of the Day: The bombastic B-52

Presented by the Vedafy team, Veronica and Dan

The B-52 cocktail shot image

Just when you think it was safe to crack open the liquor cabinet, here comes an adult beverage which does deserve it’s namesake to be aligned with a certain World War II era long-range jet-powered Stratofortress bomber.

OFFERING….. The B-52 for your imbibing and binge watching pleasure.

This has the enviable characteristic of being incredibly delicious and super fun to create, all while making you the absolute king or queen of whatever Pandemic Party you are part of now. You will literally become the Wolf of Wall Street, and all it takes is three easy ingredients, a shot glass, a spoon, and whatever bartending skills you may have picked up in your lifetime.

Once again, simplicity is king.

As described by the folks at at this link:  The Classic B-52 Drink Recipe

This shot is a subtle blend of coffee, orange, cream and whiskey flavors. There’s no single flavor which stands out much above the others.

The overall taste is caramel with hints of orange. This drink really deserves to be savored alone – it’s a dessert all on its own.

As with most shots, drinkers usually toss back a B52 quickly so they get the flavors of all three layers in one taste. And if you like it like that, go for it.

Typically, the B-52 is Kahlua, plus Irish Cream, and then Grand Marnier on top. But the beauty of this bomber is you can mix it up and experiment with whatever combination of appropriate ingredients are readily available in your bar room establishment.

Their recipe page is packed with information here on how to make the ideal B-52, as well as a number of variants perfect for every household.


Would you believe the FLAMING B-52 SHOT? This is like the Wolf of Wall Street Meets An American Werewolf in London!!

Check it out in the massively entertaining video offered by The Tipsy Bartender at the video below.


It can only be once choice.

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

The 1964 Stanley Kubrick classic, a film entirely relevant for 2020, is the perfect pairing for a shot called the B-52. General Ripper (Sterling Hayden) sends out “Wing Attack Plan R” to the B-52 bombers patrolling the world’s skies, forcing the pilots to descend on the cities of Russia and release their hydrogen bomb payloads. This of course would instantly create World War III, and ultimately reduce all of Earth to a cinder.

Eventually the U.S. government, led by President Merkin Muffley (Peter Sellers in one of three iconic roles he would play in the film) gets control of the situation, and are able to recall the bombers…..with the exception of a single bomber, determined to perform it’s duties, reach it’s target, and unleash hell on Earth.

This ultimate black comedy remains one of Kubrick’s greatest creations, a mix of high comedy and drama, with some of the most memorable characters ever put together in one high stakes USA vs Russia chess game. Released just months after the death of John F. Kennedy and at the height of the cold war, you cannot go wrong watching / re-watching the film making skills of Stanley Kubrick in one of his earliest films.

Currently, you can find Dr. Strangelove available for a small rental charge on most Video on Demand services.

Try out the B-52 and let us know what you think.

Enjoy, and please don’t forget to Eat/Sleep/Imbibe & Binge Watch, and Repeat!

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