Glenfiddich Grand Cru Boldly Goes Where No Whiskey Has Gone Before

A Sipping and Streaming Presentation / @vedafy1 / Published June 7, 2020

The Glenfiddich Grand Cru

Volume One of Our “Whiskey Lover’s Rejoice” Series

The 23 Year Old Glenfiddich Grand Cru, finished in French Cuvee Casks

By Vedafy’s whiskey savant, Alex Gaither

Welcome to the first volume of our whiskey lovers review of new and exciting trends and whiskeys across the industry. Our mission is to bring you an eccentric and innovative approach to whiskey tasting that should enlighten your decision the next time you lift a dram. This is a new dimension for you to experience, a dimension as vast as the blackness of space and as timeless as your imagination.

Vedafy’s Sipping and Streaming presents: The 23 Year Old Glenfiddich Grand Cru, finished in French Cuvee Casks

I know your first thought is…excuse me, Glenfiddich? You mean the brand that sits in every bar across America? Quite possibly the most uninteresting scotch to be reviewing? Yes, that one.

Glenfiddich has been a staple whiskey for many years and is quite a robust and well recognized brand, thus I can assume most if not all of my readers have tasted Glenfiddich in their adult drinking lives. But Glenfiddich has been quite the innovator recently with some amazing new offerings that are worth discussing even for the most distinguished whiskey drinker.

When I first saw this bottle I had to laugh. French cuvee (tank wine) or Champagne? But I was intrigued at this attempt as Glenfiddich has put out an experimental series including a ice wine casks finish that was spectacular, the 21 year Winter Storm. So here I go again: with my driving curiosity to try something new coupled with  the need to be the first to taste every scotch out there, I embarked on my first bottle.

Yes, we are not in the cheap space of whiskey here, the Grand Cru is a $300 bottle. Similar to the $200 price point 21 Winter Storm, Glenfiddich is trying to re-brand themselves as more of a luxury brand and less of an off the shelf standard scotch.

Glenfiddich targeting the more distinguished drinkers and those willing to part with $300 are taking a risk to win over customers in an extremely competitive market. But Glenfiddich truly has succeeded here.

Before we do the full review: 

Presenting that moment in time when 20th century Glenfiddich converged with the Star Trek Universe.

Star Trek's Montgomery Scott

Whiskey's Final Frontier / text by Dan O'Brien

2016’s “Star Trek Beyond” is the thirteenth film of the iconic television series first broadcast in 1969 and the third film in the J. J. Abrams rebooted series. 

With the crew of the Enterprise taking a much needed break, Captain James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) and Lieutenant Commander Leonard “Bones” McCoy (Karl Urban) are relaxing in the ship’s lounge.

As they toast Kirk’s deceased father, what spirit are they enjoying? It’s a Glenfiddich, in this case their 30 year old single malt whiskey. Below are two videos for you: the full scene from “Star Trek Beyond” as well as a review of the Glenfiddich 30 from the guys at Malt Review.
Bones’ toast: “Here’s to perfect eyesight and a full head of hair.” 





At a wee 40% you can bury your nose right in the glass! It’s quite fragrant and fruity, the citrus notes of lemon are at the top are a much richer sweet blend of honey and grape. Candy and dried fruit are subtle but present, the malty extract wrapped in an almost grassy scent rounds out the nose.


Did I mention the 40%? Starts as sweet, smooth and fruity bomb with a heavy but very satisfying mouthfeel. Clear vanilla scone and cooked pears with maybe some cinnamon mixed in, rises to the top. It has a bit of age in the flavor, almost musty, a residual white grape resin from the barrel I would guess. Just a hint of spice.


It has a sweet heavy candy honey finish with that musty white grape resin off a piece of leather zing. The finish is more of a linger than powerful, and fruity sweetness is the dominant taste.


If you have a birthday, anniversary or want to just celebrate yourself, I would encourage this bottle. I have gone from the peat monsters, to the 60% cask strength, the highlands, the lowlands and the islands. One thing has become abundantly clear: what do I grab when I am sitting at home finishing the night? I grab the easy drinking, pleasing, and typically complex but sweeter whiskeys. And this will always be one of them.

Live long and prosper, and….enjoy.