Crocodile | S4 E3

Creator and writer Charlie Brooker once stated: In our stories technology is never the villain. In this case, it will be up to the viewer to decide who the real villain of this story is.

In this Black Mirror world, we have a product named the ‘recaller’. It allows detectives and researchers to look at people’s memories, making them come to life digitally on a video screen. In large part due to this technology, we also have a cold-blooded killer, a woman who has to murder an entire family in order to maintain her ghastly hidden secrets.

Grim, stark, and unsettling, ‘Crocodile’ is truly a gut-wrenching adventure. As one death leads to another, we recognize that this spiral slope of misery is not going to end well for our main character. 

It’s a testament to the skills and storytelling capabilities of the people behind Black Mirror that we have to acknowledge one immutable fact, profoundly fitting for the world we live in today: we simply cannot take our eyes off the screen.