The Entire History Of You | S1 E2

Imagine a world in which Google tracks every moment of your life, recording it and saving it in perpetuity, until that moment in time when you want to reference it, view it, and show it off to others. Does this sound familiar? Now imagine everything you see is a video recorder, capturing every second of your life, available for replaying over again for anyone capable of accessing it.

This episode doesn’t take long to provide little fragments of evidence on how this type of technology can have dire consequences. During a dinner party event, our male lead in the show observes…..issues with the way his wife interacts with a particular dinner guest. They end up inviting this person to their house for a nightcap. Needless to say, things go downhill quickly.

As we know only too well in today’s court of public opinion, video evidence does not lie. And a time-stamped video from the past most certainly will tell quite a story for someone capable of finding it.

This was only the second episode of the first season, but it was very clear this show was not going to be afraid to go down some very dark paths.

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