Gather around the family and watch 2014’s Coherence, a relaxing dinner party that turns into a Twilight Zone-inspired nightmare. This outrageously low-budget film (just $50,000) has become a bit of a cult classic thanks to its ingenious tale about a group of friends enjoying an evening dinner together until things go very, very wrong.

Coherence is a film made as if it’s directly challenging the scale and scope of big-budget movie making. It was filmed in just five days, in the director’s living room, without a script, almost completely improvised by actors who had never worked together previously and were presented with only the most basic details of the movie’s storyline.

This is a film that challenges the viewer to decipher this science fiction/thriller/horror puzzle unfolding throughout its captivating ninety minutes. Please do not spoil Coherence by researching the film ahead of your viewing. 

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