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First in a series:  When to hold or sell?   The Mighty Thor 337, Walt Simonson and the first Beta Ray Bill appearance. Another key issue has finally arrived home from CGC.  Let’s take a look at this iconic 80’s issue.

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Our latest article:
This week's top five youtube comic book collector videos of the week

There is a LOT of highly knowledgeable comic book experts discussing the latest list of hot issues. Thankfully, someone is watching ALL of them. Here are my top 5 for the week of August 2, 2021.

Marvel and DC Comics issues of the 1980s

Let's re-visit a treasure trove of comic book history, as we go back to the 1980's!

What was it like as a weekly collector of Marvel and DC Comics during this truly incredible period of growth in the industry? Find out one person's story, as well as the shocking discovery of the value of these issues in today's market!


USA Release date: December 17, 2021

Rumors, rumblings, and so much more.

If feels like the next Spider-Man movie may be one of the most hyped film in the history of Hollywood cinema…and that may very well not be an exaggeration.

We’ll see, but based on all of the on-going efforts behind the movie, this could potentially live up to the hype.

Courtesy of Sony Entertainment Production, here’s the very latest trailer.

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A comic book collection of more than 5000 books will be available for sale in 2021!! With a massive amount of high grade 1980's books available, Minuteman Comics is going on-line. It is just getting started as of June 2021. More to follow. Click our logo link to get there.

The Dude and the White Russian Drink


The Dude and a White Russian Walked Into a Bar.....

Stories of the super hero films and TV shows of our time…..and the comic books that inspired them. 

Celebrating moments in time when pop culture and adult libations converge to create the perfect union of entertainment and spirits.

A collection of our favorite movies.  Our reviews, plus collected essays and reviews from across the web. 

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5 darkest Black Mirror episodes


The five most chilling, perverse, and mind-numbing episodes.

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