Now available: Captain Marvel adventures #72, graded CGC 7.5.

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Captain Marvel Adventures #72: released by Fawcett Publications way back in the Golden Age of 1947. Incredibly, this is a CGC grade of 7.5, with off-white pages! This classic photo cover by C. C. Beck with it’s 10 cent cover price is now in my Ebay store.

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The stories, trailers, and rumors of the super hero movies and TV shows of our time… and the comic books that inspired them. The comics listed on these pages are not meant to offer advice on what you need to go out and find, but are reference points only on the current market trends in the industry.

Movie Review: Dark Waters

In a cinematic year that comes along once every twenty years or so, quality movies do get lost in the mass marketing world of big budget releases and Oscar buzz feature films. “Dark Waters” is the classic example of a remarkably significant film that simply gets lost in the mix of outstanding movie releases.

Whiskey Lover’s Rejoice Series: Glenfiddich Grand Cru Boldly Goes Where No Whiskey Has Gone Before

With the crew of the Enterprise taking a much needed break in J.J. Abrams’s 2016 reboot “Star Trek Beyond”, Captain James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) and Lieutenant Commander Leonard “Bones” McCoy (Karl Urban) are relaxing in the ship’s lounge. As they toast Kirk’s deceased father, what spirit are they enjoying? It’s a Glenfiddich, in this case their 30 year old single malt whiskey.